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170+ Global Transactions Completed  

Embrace Diversity, Celebrate Creativity 

Offering a wide range of investment banking services, Mid-Market Securities, LLC provides large firm expertise and international capabilities to middle market private and public companies.

We provide strategic and financial solutions to emerging growth through established companies, across a wide range of industries.  

Our capital and merger & acquisition advisory services support companies’ growth goals, address challenges, and/or support shareholders’ goals of achieving immediate or longer-term liquidity.

Additionally, we are project finance experts who meet developers’ capital needs across a wide range of projects, with added expertise in alternative energy and mining.

  • We can help you analyze, plan, initiate and close on a full or partial exit, achieve liquidity and diversification, and help finance the Company's growth.

  • Business Owners can monetize their business without having to sell 100% of their Company or go Public.

  • Options include retaining significant equity ownership and even control.

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