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Chief Administrative Officer

Tel: (212) 400-4051  

Mobile: (646) 537-5547    

Fax: (646) 292-5141

Paul J. Foont Chief Administrative Officer Paul J. Foont abandoned a promising career as a multi-positional infielder declining a tryout with the Brooklyn Dodgers to attend New York University where he earned a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and an M.B.A. in Corporate Finance.  He then served as an Officer in the United States Army Corp of Engineers before heading to Wall Street in 1971.


In his more than four decades since leaving the Military, Mr. Foont has enjoyed a diverse career on Wall Street and in Private Industry, experiencing many of the areas of business finance including but not limited to Fixed Income as well as Financial Derivatives trading such as Futures and Options and Corporate Finance/Investment Banking.  His Industrial experience includes managing production lines, developing least cost logistical alternatives, designing, selecting site locations and building a recycling center. He also developed products and assisted in building a major industrial food plant. Mr. Foont has owned seats on three futures exchanges and has managed an operation dealing with clients in the Former Soviet Union and Japan.  


Mr. Foont brings exceptional managerial, organizational and administrative skills and experience to our diverse and far reaching international investment banking platform.

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