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Senior Managing Director

Marketing & Business Development

Tel: 917 292 0537

Carol E. Robbins is a multi-faceted C-suite financial services operating executive with broad global experience advising domestic and international companies at the Operating level through Board level, including domestic, international and multinational.  Her diverse expertise and experience includes banking, branding, regulatory and business transformation and innovation. She has chaired an international board and advised the board of a multinational corporation.  Well-known in the industry as a challenger, she is energetic, pragmatic, decisive and persuasive in times that call for action.


Ms. Robbins helps businesses build and protect differentiated, valued brands and manage reputational risk. She leverages digital to drive business momentum and growth and mitigates cyber risk via education and discipline. Ms. Robbins combines strategic and commercial acumen with marketing and general management expertise to advance the topline and enhance the bottom line in established and growing businesses.  


Ms. Robbins’ strategic vision extends across 4 industries, including consumer goods, printing and publishing, financial services, and marketing agencies. At Benckiser, she significantly increased awareness and usage of brands she managed. At RR Donnelley, she conceived and launched the first ever internet-based Nationally Recognized Municipal Information Repository (called the Municipal Information Resource Center and competing with Bloomberg) that gave access not only to institutions, but also to individuals. At Prudential Securities, she conceived and launched the first program at a Wire House that split Advice and Execution and significantly increased attention to the client experience. And, as Chairman and CEO, Ms. Robbins refocused and transformed the disparate components of Prudential Securities in Europe and Asia to create Dryden Wealth Management Limited, an attractive and saleable entity for the parent company. Ms. Robbins has been operationally involved in post-M&A assimilation in which she integrated, refocused, restructured and transformed businesses. As Chairman of the Board at Dryden Bank in Geneva, Switzerland, she was involved with governance related to politically exposed persons and money laundering. As Chief Branding Officer, she advised Prudential’s board about the presence of the company’s brand asset worldwide. She served on the business advisory boards of Mesuron, a medical device company and of Humanlign Market Research, which helped companies launch businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa.  


Ms. Robbins holds a B.A. from Barnard College and an M.B.A. from the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University. She also completed executive education in Strategic Marketing Management at Harvard Business School.


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