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Offering a wide range of investment banking services, Mid-Market Securities LLC provides large firm expertise and domestic and international processing capabilities to private and public companies and their owners in the middle market to emerging growth, project finance and startup clients across a wide range of industries, as well as Placement Agent Services for Alternative Investment Funds.


Mid-Market Securities LLC offers superior payouts, global brand recognition and professional back-office support.



Financial and Wealth Management Advisors play a critical role in helping their Clients accumulate capital while mitigating risk. But for many Advisors there exists an opportunity to do much more: to unlock the wealth that these Clients have built into their businesses and to provide them with liquidity, diversification and a secure retirement.

By working with Mid-Market Securities, financial and wealth management advisors can provide their Clients with an array of Investment Banking resources that will allow Clients to take the next step by monetizing value embedded in their Companies, realizing their true wealth, and increasing their liquid assets under management.


There are a wide range of options for small Business Owners to pursue, including Mergers & Acquisitions, Sales & Divestitures, Recapitalizations, Management Buyouts, Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), and many others. Mid-Market Securities will discuss the full array of alternatives with Business Owners, and customize the approach to meet their specific needs and objectives. Financial Advisors will participate at whatever level they desire and will be kept thoroughly informed every step of the way. In addition, Financial Advisors can participate in the revenues generated through Transactions that benefit their Clients.