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170+ Global Transactions Completed  

Embrace Diversity, Celebrate Creativity 

Bringing large firm expertise and domestic and international processing capabilities to the middle market. Offering a wide range of investment banking services, Mid-Market Securities, LLC provides large firm expertise and international capabilities to middle market private and public companies.

We provide strategic and financial solutions to emerging growth through established companies, across a wide range of industries.  

Our capital and merger & acquisition advisory services support companies’ growth goals, address challenges, and/or support shareholders’ goals of achieving immediate or longer-term liquidity.

Additionally, we are project finance experts who meet developers’ capital needs across a wide range of projects, with added expertise in alternative energy and mining.

  • We can help you analyze, plan, initiate and close on a full or partial exit, achieve liquidity and diversification, and help finance the Company's growth.

  • Business Owners can monetize their business without having to sell 100% of their Company or go Public.

  • Options include retaining significant equity ownership and even control.

How We Can Help Companies Now (COVID-19)

Many private companies need financial and/or operational restructuring, or other solutions we offer, most of which fall into four basic categories:

  1. Debt financing - flexible structuring, higher-than-bank limits

  2. Sale or merger - reasonable valuation can still be achieved (see below, too)

  3. Acquisitions - if in position to do this, it's an opportune time

  4. Equity capital - companies with a % private equity ownership are weathering COVID-19 more successfully 

COVID-19 has not only created an immediate cash shortage for most private companies, for many it compels shareholders to address major strategic questions with heightened urgency, such as:

  • Will operating shareholders still enjoy running the business?  For many who had already delayed retirement, accelerating that decision may be more personally enjoyable and the right move for all.

  • Immediate and longer-term capital needs for operational and capital expenditures – Is self-funding achievable – or even desirable?

  • Considering specific industry trends, such as consolidation and/or the need for investment in new technologies, how well is the company positioned now, strategically and financially, to achieve or maintain sustainable competitive advantage?   

  • Considering the distinct possibility that the economic disruption may last well into 2021-- possibly longer -- does the management team have the requisite skills to conceive and lead radical change, if that is needed?

As always, our goal would be to ensure that you receive maximum value at the best available terms or minimum equity give-up, as applicable.