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Consultant: Strategy, International Technology


Dr Joseph D. Ben-Dak has more than thirty years of experience as a consultant, financial and strategic counselor and advisor, to Governments, Banks, Public and Private Companies, Not-for-Profits and senior executives, managers and policy makers around the world. 

Dr. Ben-Dak’s current client list includes Italian, Japanese and Korean groups organizing intelligence systems to guide leadership in global security policy contexts. He has helped define opportunities that include original systems of unobtrusive intervention in product development, measurement of community innovation and undersea resource harvesting.

Dr. Ben-Dak recently completed work as Chairman of a Washington, DC task force evaluating government investments in critical technologies. He has developed computer solutions and support systems for DOD and HSD. He has accomplished similar tasks in programs for higher education, language proficiency and health delivery needs.

Serving the United Nations as the Principal Advisor, Science and Technology and Public Management, to the UN Secretary General, and the founder and Chief of the United Nations Global Technology Group, Dr. Ben-Dak has initiated and established successful technology and science businesses in numerous countries including most of OECD, Africa, China, Russia and the Arab World. He has had extensive administrative and academic licensing experience in institutions including Professorships at Sao Paulo University, Visiting Senior Scholar, Papua New Guinea’s Institute for National Planning, and Visiting Professor at Seoul National University and Kyung Hee University. He was instrumental in the original programming of Korea's KAIST/KIST, and the earliest introduction of formative evaluation to Japan's MITI (now METI) and similar major Asian Institutions.

Dr Ben-Dak served as the Academic Director of several programs in training Senior Government Officers. These programs pioneered top personnel multitasking training of technology and management including preparation of first time ever curricula.

He was elected fellow of AAAS in Mathematics and Economics and won the US National Academy of Science Dissertation Award for Peace Studies and Sociology. Dr. Ben-Dak has a B.A and B.Sc in Sociology and Middle Eastern Studies. He also has Masters Degrees and PhD's in Methodology and Organizational Sociology and in the Program of Research on Conflict Resolution, all from the University of Michigan. He has done post-doctoral work in the Social Impact of Science Policy at Lund University, Sweden and Conflict Resolution at Oslo University, Norway and, in 1994, along with the President of Mongolia, jointly received the first honorary doctorates from the Technical University of Mongolia.


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